The thing I love most about my job is meeting new people, connecting with them on an individual level, and easing them into feeling better physically and emotionally . . . and flourishing in their lives. It’s my personal challenge to keep learning more about my field and apply deepening knowledge and new techniques to help people on a physical and emotional level. I am a very holistic practitioner. I listen, observe, give personal feedback and coaching, never judge, and never ever give up on achieving improvement – yours and mine.

I’m deeply honored to have worked with some amazing people over the years, and that some of them have taken the time to write about what we’ve been able to achieve together. Please read what they have to say below, about acupuncture in general and my own treatments in particular. I look forward to bringing the same level of skill and commitment to your own healing.

– Dr. David Buscher, D.Ac. 

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I initially started seeing David for plantar fasciitis that was not improving, despite following a podatrist’s recommendations for treatment. Although the plantar fasciitis has improved, I realize that it is only a small part of what I have gotten from acupuncture with David. As a true “Type A” personality, I’m always juggling many balls in the air. I want to over-achieve at everything I do. While I was aware of these characteristics about myself, David has helped me confront them. He encourages me to treat myself better, while at the same time acknowledging my strengths and abilities. I have always tended to be pretty in sync with my body; yet David has helped me better understand the connections between mind, body, and spirit and how making changes to improve one aspect of my life has effects on the others. All of this has been possible because of David’s gentle, supportive demeanor. He is the expert on acupuncture, but he recognizes that I am the expert on me, so he always asks for my thoughts before proceeding with a treatment plan. Despite starting treatment for a physical problem, I anticipate continuing acupuncture with David indefinitely to support my mind and spirit in addition to my physical wellness.
— JP
I have been thrilled with the treatments I have received from David. I started getting acupuncture almost four months ago when I moved to Baltimore as part of a general wellness plan to support the mind, body and soul. I am in my mid-20s and have spent so much of my life caught up in the endless diet/exercise cycle which for me was a constant cycle of short term success and ultimately, failure. I felt a great deal of anxiety around the move itself and knew I needed a support system in place. I abandoned some of my steadfast Western medical beliefs and began to adopt some Eastern medicine philosophies. For all these years I had been trying to fix my body…my mind and soul were in need of some attention.

It is astounding to think of how far I have come since that first appointment. David checks in with me every week to figure out the best course of treatment for our session. He has addressed everything from hormonal issues to anxiety to back pain. I am continually impressed by how articulate, intuitive, intelligent and caring David is AND how deeply invested he is my health and wellness. Not only am I noticing how good I feel, friends and family members have commented on (and seem envious of!) my new found peace and happiness. Whether you are looking to try acupuncture for the first time, or are a seasoned veteran, I would highly recommend setting up a consultation with David. I cannot say enough good things about him. I can truly say that I’m not quite sure where I would be today without his help and I cannot wait to see the benefits of future treatments.
— AE
I was experiencing chronic arm and back pain and had visited multiple acupuncturists, chiropractors, and other doctors without relief. And then I met David. He listened and learned about both my symptoms and my ideas about the treatment that would work best. I went from experiencing pain everyday (and interrupting my sleep) to pain-free. I will definitely be back for preventative maintenance!
— LK
Dr. David Buscher is an especially caring professional who listens carefully, remembers specifics from one visit to the next, and tailors his treatments on the basis of, not only what he knows about acupuncture and alternative healing modalities, but also on what he learns from his patients. I am very grateful to him for easing my long-standing mid-back pain and ongoing digestive issues.
— DW
Before meeting David, I was not new to acupuncture, having seen two other practitioners previously, one around 1978 and another in 1999. Both experiences were helpful, but not as rewarding as my time with David.

Recent health experiences prompted me to seek acupuncture again, and I searched the web and found David at a convenient location to my workplace and my home. This has proven to be a great find on my part. I presented with some problems related to diabetes, mainly swelling of my lower legs and numbness in my feet.

Having been on medications for almost 4 years with limited results, I decided to try acupuncture again and started with David in July of 2014. Our original meeting involved a very through evaluation of my conditions and concerns. David planned a thorough holistic approach to address all of my needs and concerns both physical and emotional. The pain and swelling in my legs quickly showed signs of improvement, and my blood pressure began to normalize. My recent physical showed the most improvement to my blood tests in three years, and my whole attitude and satisfaction with my life have greatly improved.

David shows genuine interest in my total well-being and has a calm, detailed and highly professional approach in determining each treatment.

There were also some very personal difficulties that have shown improvement, but lets just say that I no longer need medications like Viagra.
— DE
My first meeting with David was an instant alignment of values – mentally, physically and spiritually. I originally sought out David for a holistic approach to my well-being. As time went on, there were areas of improvement he discovered – specifically sleep. There have been additional benefits such as lowered stress and allergies and a much stronger mind and body connection. David’s compassion as a human shines through fully in his professional work and I am grateful for his large contribution to my well-being.
— MC
David has made significant reductions in my menopausal symptoms including hot flashes and joint pain!! Its only been a few treatments so far and I am already sleeping better, less stiff and achy, less bloated, and most importantly, less sweaty! I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for relief from an ailment or just an improved sense of well being and relaxation! Thank you to David!!
— AS
David is an amazing healer and listener. He really takes his time to listen to your concerns and create an individualized treatment plan that will best suit your needs. Since working with him, I have experienced tremendous relief from sinus pain, allergies, digestive issues, anxiety, and overall improved well-being. I am so happy and blessed that I found such a caring and effective acupuncturist to work with.
— EB
David is very talented and knows the arts of acupuncture very well. He will work on everything you ask him to to alleviate whatever symptoms you are feeling. He is very kind and generous and has gone through a spiritual journey and can guide you on yours. He works on all levels of healing bringing they body into balance. Highly Recommend!
— JD
I first went to David to get support through acupuncture to quit smoking. I wanted to quit cold turkey and was successful in doing so with his support. I continue to see David regularly, whether I need an extra boost when I feel like I have a craving, or because I have physical/emotional pain I want to address, or simply for relaxation sake. David’s pays close attention to room temperature, music or quiet, and most importantly, where the acupuncture needles are too uncomfortable for me. He works around my sensitivities such as my feet, and certain parts of my hands, which is a challenge for an acupuncturist given that these areas have a high proportion of acupuncture points. Yet he never fails to find a way around them, and does so gently and with patience. David has a calm, kind demeanor and is very attentive and perceptive. I leave acupuncture sessions feeling as though my tension has either dissipated, or has risen to the surface in a way that I can now be with it, process it and let it go. If you are considering acupuncture treatment, I wholeheartedly recommend scheduling an appointment with David!
— GE
I began seeing David mostly for the anxiety I had been suffering from over the past 7 months. After my first appointment there was such a marked improvement. The anxiety wasn’t gone but had changed dramatically and was much more manageable. David’s quiet and caring attitude has also helped me tremendously. I look forward to seeing him each week.
— SM
Well, where to begin! I live in Illinois and my husband came out to Baltimore in June to do a job for several months, not knowing when the job would be finished. I decided to join him one month later after wrapping things up back home.

I have several issues with my neck and migraines which I see a naprapath and pain management doctor for. I was getting neck injections every three months for four years until I was told they no longer would help. The naprapath helps me immensely with keeping my body relaxed, and I have been seeing him for twenty five years now. The month before I left for Baltimore my naprapath suggested I try Acupuncture. I did that twice a week for a month and it really help relieve the terrible pain in my neck.

My pain doctor suggested I continue when I get to Baltimore, so my naprapath doctor found Doctor David Buscher . . . All I can say is I have been seeing him weekly since I have been here and I feel I am truly blessed to have found such a caring, compassionate man. I am living pain free without medication for the first time in years. I will be so sad to leave Baltimore, Dr David is one in a million.
— JC
I began seeing David after suffering from a traumatic life-changing event in my life which brought me anxiety. I also suffer from chronic pain in my rotator cuff and hip due to over usage. He sat and took time to get to the root of my pain and anxiety, which is rarely found in western medicine. Relief came almost immediately and I consider David a vital team member in my medical team.
— AS
I started working with David about 18 months ago to relieve my hip pain. Admittedly I was very skeptical of getting any relief, especially by being stuck with needles, but was willing to give it a try over surgery. My goal was to get back on my bicycle and be able to ride in longer rides. After 6 sessions, my hip was feeling better. During the time of my treatments, I was telling David about how stressful work and general things in life were. He came up with some treatment plans along with those for my hip that really helped. I have since gotten back on my bike and continue to come for treatments for some general stress reduction. If any other aches arise between visits, he modifies the plan for that day to help reduce them.

David is very professional and his suite is very clean and relaxing. He is a great practitioner who gets to know you and any medical issues or medicine you are on, to make your treatment plan the best suited for your needs. I have and will continue to recommend David for acupuncture services.
— RS
I had been living with extreme pain for 5 years of my life. Diagnosed with a severely ripped plantar fascia I did the routine that most do, slept with a boot, stretched when I woke up, wore inserts in my shoes and stopped running. When that didn’t help, I graduated to the trying the Graston method which involves a blunt steel blade to work out the scar tissue. This actually made it worse in hindsight. Then last November (2012) I went to the Arnold Palmer Sports Clinic at Union Memorial Hospital and underwent Platelet Plasma Injections and was on crutches for 6 weeks and in a boot for four months. Still...nothing, My surgeon said that I had to undergo the actual surgery to fix the fascia but, he wouldn’t guarantee that even that would work.

I was depressed, emotional and felt completely alone. No one understood the debilitating pain that I was experiencing and I was looking into the future imagining being sedentary in my 50’s. So, as a last ditch effort I looked into acupuncture. I was not a believer, but when David emailed me to let me know that his treatments were covered by my insurance company I felt I had nothing to lose.

Here is what is unbelievable to me (and you have my permission to ask David for my email address). I am pain-free after 4 visits. The other symptoms I have are lessening as well. My daily energy is better, I’m experiencing hope for the first time in over five years that I can beat this thing without extensive, invasive surgery. I leave the sessions relaxed, focused, and I’ve even asked David for other things to make my life better, including changing my diet; where, what and how I eat. Getting more rest and much more.

I have changed my view on Chinese medicine and methods and will be adding acupuncture to a life necessity from now on.

If you are skeptical, don’t be, there is a reason this practice has been around for over 2,000 years. I can’t believe I haven’t had acupuncture before now. I feel a renewed sense of health and I am able to work out again, finally...
— EM
Having suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for a number of years, I have attempted numerous cures to solve my problems. Ranging from a variety of medications to home remedies, no treatments were able to ease my symptoms.

That was until I went to David Buscher. After one acupuncture session, I noticed significant changes in my IBS symptoms. My symptoms were much milder and I did not suffer any severe attacks for a week.

This success only increased as I saw David over the course of the last three months. Since visiting David, I have had no IBS attacks and my usual symptoms have become very mild. I have been able to eat foods that I thought I could never eat again. And, I have lived without fear of any attacks while I enjoy my life.

Without David and Acupuncture, I would not be where I am today. I fully recommend David for assistance with IBS related symptoms.
— CJ
David has been treating me since January of this year [2012]. He is the fourth acupuncture practitioner I have had in the past 15 years, and he’s one of if not the best I have ever had. Not only have I noticed a difference in me, but those around me have, as well. His bedside manner is excellent, and he seems to have a knack for getting to the root of my issues. Whether it is physical pain, stress, or the other random issues that seem small to me but turn out to be sign of a larger issue, Dave always comes up with the proper treatment to get my body back on track. He has helped me to become more aware of what my body is saying to me and how to best fulfill its needs.
— ED
It’s amazing what a few well-placed needles will do! The very first treatment made a remarkable ‘night and day’ difference in the way I was thinking and feeling. My energy and mood improved dramatically, my depression lifted, and I have a renewed sense of myself. I am grateful for the skill and compassion David brings to the art of acupuncture and for the successful treatments he designed for me.
— GG
I began seeing David for several physical and emotional issues. I had been suffering from pain in my lower back (sacrum) and was being seen by a doctor and a physical therapist/chiropractor. Nothing was helping. The muscle relaxers and steroids the doctor put me on had terrible side-effects. David, in one session, using five special needles, fixed the issue. I have not had the need to take either of the medicines ever again and have had no issues with my sacrum. I was [also] dealing with mild depression, and David’s sessions were really helping me cope.
— SE
I returned to having acupuncture about 3 months ago after a long layoff and found David through his website. . David has been very thorough in listening to my assessment and then providing acupuncture to bring balance back to me physically, mentally and spiritually. I highly recommend David for those seeking a holistic treatment program.
— DJ
David is amazingly intelligent. dedicated, determined, persistent and empathetic towards his patient’s issues. For me specifically, I had radiating pain from my glute to my heel. I had misconceptions of acupuncture so I never entertained this form of relief until I was at a loss to relieve this constant pain. The pain was about an 8 on a 1-10 scale, 24 hours a day for 3 years. David’s persistence and constant evaluations of my pain, even outside of my appointment time, was performed to determine if his approach was successful. My situation took a while to see the pain decrease but it has been well worth the wait. David’s bedside manor is so calming, at times serious and funny too. He’s a wonderful Acupuncturist. You will not be disappointed, I promise.
— MM
You’ll be surprised how good you feel after just one session. I very reluctantly saw David after I tried acupuncture with a Chinese doctor. I just didn’t enjoy those sessions and thought [David would be] more of the same. However, I was pleasantly surprised. After our first appointment, I could tell that David was going to dig deep into my issues whether they were physical, emotional, or spiritual. There was a thorough questionnaire that asked about ALL areas of my life and he genuinely reviewed it with me instead of just putting it in the back of my file. Then the work began. David is so calm and caring in his approach to Chinese medicine, that I often fall asleep during treatments and wake up feeling completely refreshed. When I arrive to each session, he asks me how things are going and he responds in his usual calm demeanor. He will often check in with me via email to see how things are going and it is that personal care and attention that sets him apart from other practitioners. I look forward to our sessions. He saw me before surgery and as a result, I was able to go into my surgery feeling calm and ready for the recovery adventure that awaited me.
— AS
David has been treating for me for both insomnia and anxiety for almost a year now. David takes his time and is truly sincere about choosing the proper treatment that will meet your needs.

I was truly amazed by the results after my first session. David listens and cares. I had no idea what to expect, but David made me feel relaxed and assured his treatments would be beneficial and he was correct.
— SS
Someone suggested acupuncture to me for pain in knees and back. In the beginning, I was very skeptical of the treatment and the needles. Although the process is very subtle, I am no longer concentrating on the pain in my knees even though there is still stiffness and pain at times. This being a duration of 4-5 months. David’s treatment is very gentle, most empathetic. His professional manner and care of the patient is most comforting. One will leave a session very rested and peaceful.
— MD