Cancellation Policy

Your confirmed appointment isn't just a personal commitment to your wise and kindly healthcare practitioner; it's a financial commitment to a very small business that makes budgetary decisions based upon that projected income. Those funds are what allow us to exist in the marketplace and to help you and many others feel better on a regular basis. When you reserve your appointment, that time is for us to focus entirely on you, and thus we don't schedule anyone else for the same time. If you fail to show up, or if you cancel your appointment without enough notice, we have lost the time to help someone else and the income that allows us to pay our bills.

Please read the terms below for each appointment type, and thank you for your kind understanding.

FIRST and REGULAR Acupuncture Appointments

All patients at Very Well Functional Acupuncture, as a part of their intake, sign an agreement that they will give at least 24 hours before canceling an appointment or be responsible for the full time-of-service cost of that appointment. (Health insurance does not cover missed appointments.) This fee will automatically be charged to the credit card we keep on file.

By making an appointment on our online scheduler, you agree that the credit card with which you reserve your appointment will be charged this full appointment fee in the case of not showing up at all (or too late to begin a procedure) or failing to give 24 hours notice to cancel. (To confirm its validity, this card may also be automatically charged $1.00 at the time of reservation . . . this will be refunded within a week.)

Please be assured that your card will not be charged outside of these circumstances. Otherwise you will pay the normal rate at the time of your service.

Acupuncture EXPRESS Appointments

Acupuncture EXPRESS is a community-style acupuncture service that saves time by requiring advance payment. (Health insurance is not accepted as payment for these 30-minute appointments.)

By making an appointment on our online scheduler, you agree that failing to show up for your appointment (or arriving too late to begin a procedure), or failing to give a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule, will result in forfeiture of your advance payment.

How to Reschedule or Cancel Your Appointment

Prior to a full 24 hours before your appointment, you may click the link in your confirmation email, call our office assistant at (410) 865-9935, or email

The online scheduler will not allow you to personally make that change within 24 hours of your appointment. We will rely upon the time stamp of any email or voicemail message to determine your payment liability.