Your appointment may include any or all of the following services and equipment:


The first appointment is two hours. Follow-up appointments are one hours. Fine needles are inserted into specific points to stimulate biological and emotional responses in the body. Dr. David Buscher, D.Ac. is familiar with numerous styles of acupuncture and can effectively address most symptoms with this modality.


A dried herb called moxa smolders painlessly on or over specific points to reinforce the effects of acupuncture treatment. Moxa is warming and nourishing for specific conditions.


Small glass or plastic cups are applied to the skin with suction (heat-based or vacuum-pump based) to increase circulation, enhance relaxation, and stimulate healing. Leaves painless circular bruises that impress your friends.

Rapid Release Pro Massager

An intense massager that uses patented vibration technology to reduce pain, increase relaxation, and break down scar tissue and other painful adhesions. This quick massage can focus and enhance the results of acupuncture treatment.


All patients may request the use of the BioMat, which is a specialized acupuncture table pad, filled with crushed amethysts and tourmaline. Using heat, far infrared technology, and negative ions, this high-tech device can help improve comfort, the circulation of blood and lymph, and feelings of well-being. It is also indicated for temporary relief of body pains and muscle tension. BioMat appears to help potentiate acupuncture treatments so, over time, they are more effective and last longer. Many patients swear by its cumulative effects, and even just as a table warmer it provides a more enjoyable experience.

CHI Infratonic 8000

A machine that emits vibrational ultrasound and infrasound waves, purportedly of the same frequency qigong healing masters are able to generate, that help accelerate recovery, increase circulation, reduce pain, reduce cellular trauma, and improve sleep and energy levels.

Wellness Coaching

Perhaps the most important offering of all, wellness coaching guides and reminds you to learn from your symptoms to make choices that improve your well-being and reduce your need for reliance on any healthcare practitioners. Areas of focus are diet, exercise, mindfulness, and personal effectiveness. Recommendations to other practitioners may be made for optimal results.