Welcome to my new blog! I have been considering for a while creating a space where I can reflect on both the lessons I’ve learned from my acupuncture and wellness schooling (especially those from my great mentors in life, Bob Duggan and Dianne Connelly), as well as share my perspective current events and research from the healthcare world. I mean this primarily, although not exclusively, as a resource for my patients and to share some insight into my thought process for those who are considering visiting my practice. 

Please bear in mind that this will for the most part be raw, unfiltered, and unedited thinking. However, if anything strikes a chord, please feel free to share it with all of the attributions intact, and a link back to the source. Also, please feel free to comment and start a dialogue on any topic, or to chime in on any that may arise. (Keeping in mind that this is the Internet in 2017, I am horrified that I feel compelled to ask that we please keep things civil. Of course we will. And, well . . . comment threads have been known to devolve rapidly into primordial rage.)

I intend to post regularly here and notify interested parties via my twitter feed (@VeryWellCenter) and Facebook page (verywellinc) of new entries, or please feel free to check back here often.

Thanks, and enjoy the ride!

Dr. David Buscher, D.Ac