Now In Stock: Radiate Herbal Soaking Treatment

© 2017 by Dr. David Buscher, D.Ac.

Earlier this year, I began hearing chatter in the international acupuncture community about a new kind of medicinal treatment – a foot soaking solution – that can be a game changer in cases of localized and general pain and inflammation, nerve pain, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, edema, chronic fatigue, headaches and migraines, emotional issues, digestive issues, women's health issues, circulatory issues, and many other symptoms. 

Of course, as with much of Chinese medicine, this treatment wasn't "new" – in fact, its origins are part of a very long tradition – but the ability to export this formula for use in the west, in addition to the very high quality and purity of the herbs, the pharmacological research supporting it, and some novel ways of combining this medicine with other formulas were seen as game changing. 

Because of some very strong recommendations from practitioners I trust, I took a leap of faith and applied to become one of the few initial distributors of this medicine, one of just 100 worldwide with access to a supply of this formula. I was honored to be accepted into this program.

And then I waited . . . perhaps not entirely patiently. In the interim, I was receiving anecdotal evidence of amazing results in test cases and encouraging progress reports of the better-than-expected quality of the herbs obtained. In fact, I have to mention here that the the developer of this program was able to obtain herbs of a quality historically reserved for emperors and, later, the upper elite of the ruling political party. Further, there were updates about the economic development and charities the manufacturer was able to support in this small Tibetan region because of the new project to begin exporting this medicine. 

(For more on this, you can check out this podcast, and there are upcoming videos.)

My point is, I was receiving a lot of really exciting information, but what I wasn't receiving was my package of Radiate Herbal Soaking Treatment!

But the good news is, it has finally arrived! I will be assembling the packaging that accepting orders in the next few days for immediate availability.

Despite the fact that it is never taken internally, this is a strong medicine that affects the circulation and other body systems. There are a few contraindications I'll need to screen for, and a few cautions you'll need to be aware of (mostly involving handling and submerging in the hot water the formula steeps in). 

If I've already mentioned this medicine to you, I think you're a good candidate for beneficial results. If I haven't mentioned it to you, that doesn't mean you're a poor candidate, just that I realized I should probably stop getting people's hopes up when I wasn't sure when I'd finally receive my shipment.

The MSRP on this product is $150 for one course of treatment, which takes ten days if done in full compliance with the instructions. Due to my agreement with the distributor, I'm not allowed to publicly advertise a lower price. However, I do have a lower introductory rate I can offer my patients while my current supply lasts. Please speak to me privately about it, and I'll also be mentioning this formula to people displaying certain diagnostic characteristics and symptoms that indicate they may benefit.

(There isn't a lot about this program that's generally being publicized as they work out the logistics of being able to distribute at this quantity . . . and solidify the fragile deals that keep the supplies available and the Chinese economic opportunists and counterfeiters at bay. That's why it's only being distributed to 100 providers at the current time. I'll be updating anyone who's interested with more information. The developer is currently finishing up a video about the herbs, the region they're harvested, and more about what makes this particular formulation so profoundly unique. For the moment, clicking on the link to the brief podcast above may satisfy some more curiosity.)