Introducing Chinese Herbal Medicine

© 2017 by Dr. David Buscher, D.Ac.

Since completing my doctorate in acupuncture, I have focused on expanding my knowledge in herbal medicine and combining this powerful modality with acupuncture for better and longer lasting results. 

In addition to my upcoming participation in two exclusive programs for pharmaceutical grade herbal preparations (more on this very soon), I'm stocking up on effective everyday formulas for common symptoms such as cold and flu, pain, stress, insomnia, low energy, hypertension, and more. 

Most of these should be in stock within a week from today. They will be in pill or tincture form from high quality manufacturers based in the United States.


How can Chinese herbal medicine help you feel better?

For millennia, acupuncturists have used herbs to enhance and supplement the effects of their treatments. Herbal medicine can:

1. Prepare the body to get more powerful results from acupuncture.

2. Extend the beneficial effects of acupuncture treatments for longer periods of time.

3. Work in acute cases when acupuncture isn't possible, such as when you're traveling or suddenly come down with a cold.

4. Take over some of the specific workload from acupuncture treatments so we can use our appointment time more effectively. (For example, use herbs to take over in treating insomnia so we can use acupuncture to focus more on back pain.)


In our culture and healthcare system, acupuncture is usually something we have the time and resources for once or twice a week . . . often less frequently. (In China, acupuncture gets even better results because it's more conveniently offered every day in their medical system.)

However, herbs are something you can take daily.

Why is this important? I always tell my clients that I get at best only one hour a week to balance out the stresses and strains of the other 167 hours. Acupuncture is up to the task, sure, but retraining your body to cope with physical and emotional burdens would be much easier with more frequent interventions.

Herbs are something you can do every day – very safely and conveniently – to improve your daily experience.


How do I get the right Chinese herbs for me?

You can go to any grocery store or drug store and buy herbs, and the headlines are full of hype about the benefits of this one or that one . . . or claims that none of them work at all.

The truth is, assuming the manufacturer is reliable (a big assumption), some herbs and supplements will "work" for everybody, and most are a waste of money unless there are certain indications that your body needs them. Some can even be harmful if used in excess or when contraindicated by bodily conditions or medications. 

The key to success with herbs is learning the specific formula and dosage that matches your specific needs . . . then ensuring the high quality of the supplement . . . and then being ready to change the dosage or formula to match the level of progress.

This often requires a knowledgeable herbalist to assess and monitor the course of treatment and recommend modifications on the fly. If the herbalist is also an acupuncturist, the prescriptions can be tailored for even greater efficiency between the two modalities.

Starting this month, at your regular acupuncture appointments, I may start recommending herbs based on my findings and treatment plans.

Please ask me if you have any questions!